Whey Protein 101: How to Choose The Best Protein For You

You have high expectations for yourself and what you’re putting in your body. You want an effortless protein boost for your smoothie that mixes easily and enhances the flavour of even the most basic smoothie. And it needs to be the best, highest quality protein powder.

So let’s get into it, what is whey protein powder, what are the benefits and how do you know you’re getting the best?

What Is Whey Protein?

Ever opened a yogurt and wondered what the liquid is on top? Do you mix it in? Do you dump it out? What is it? That’s whey. Whey is the liquid that separates from yogurt and when making cheese. And yes, mix it into your yogurt (then use that yogurt in a smoothie with your favorite Natreve Whey Protein).

There are two common forms of whey; isolate and concentrate. Both are derived from milk and are typically cold-pressed however the main difference between the two is that isolate typically has a higher protein yield with less fat and carbohydrates than concentrate.

There Are Sooooooooo Many Options, What Do I Look For?

Taking whey protein is a convenient way to meet your daily protein intake, but more than just the amount of protein, quality matters. Just like you, we’re committed to sourcing only the best ingredients. Natreve’s Whey Protein is made with New Zealand whey, sourced from a 4th generation family farm where the cows are never given hormones and are humanely raised.

Not only does our whey contain high quality protein, which helps build and repair body tissues and support development of lean muscle mass, it also contains hydrolyzed collagen from US grass fed bovine collagen, which is clinically studied to help with tissue regeneration.

Whey Protein Powder Can Help Increase Your BCAA Intake

Some amino acids are produced by your body (non-essential amino acids), while you need to get others from the foods you eat (essential amino acids). Protein rich foods, like whey, that supply all nine essential amino acids are considered high-quality. And more than that, whey is also an excellent source of important branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

And BCAAs are?

Branched-chain amino acids are three essential amino acids that support protein synthesis1. One BCAA in particular, leucine, plays an important role in stimulating muscle protein synthesis post-workout. You will find over 5 grams of BCAAs in every serving of Natreve Whey Protein Powder.

So What Is the Amino Acid Profile?


Why Natreve?


When To Use Whey Protein

Need a new morning routine? Try Strawberry Shortcake blended with 1 ½ cups of liquid (water, milk, plant-based beverage, etc) and ½ cup frozen strawberries for a refreshing start to your day.

Since you’re getting over 5 grams of BCAAs in every serving, try a post-workout shake to help with post-workout recovery. Chocolate post-workout? Yes please. We love Fudge Brownie flavour blended with 1 ½ cups of liquid (water, milk, plant-based beverage, etc) and ½ frozen banana for an indulgent, post-workout treat that’s also good for you.

What’s your favorite time to have a protein shake? Let’s us know using the hashtag #NatreveWellness on Instagram and join the community!



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