The best of plant-based protein

Multi-sourced plant-based protein complex from sprouted & ancient grains. 100% Vegan.

gluten free


Natreve is a fresh, modern approach to premium wellness. Our mission is to provide wellness inside and out to everyone. We are super passionate about creating the most effective, most innovative, and most FUN wellness products while cultivating a community that believes in diversity, equality, and acceptance.

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When you are adequately nourished, physically active and mentally strong, this is when life starts. Take control and feel your power permeate every cell in your body.

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Natreve is committed to reducing plastic from reaching our oceans and creating economic value & empowerment to impoverished countries through our partnership with Plastic Bank.

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Team Natreve is Raving

"I’ve done a lot of different things with community, going green, and not just making sure of improving the wellness of people and their bodies, but of the earth, too.

"I’ve done a lot of different things with community, going green, and not just making sure of improving the wellness of people and their bodies, but of the earth, too. Everything they’ve done is a lot of the same staples I’ve been emphasizing throughout my camps and in the community."


"I’m really happy to try such great products from a Canadian company that does good for their consumers and for the environment too.

I’ve only had a couple days to try the whey protein powders, but the taste and results already exceeded my expectations. A lot of whey protein brands don’t put the best ingredients in their products, which is why I used to stay away from protein powders in the past. With Natreve Wellness I’m not worried because I know all the ingredients are top quality and can only help me to achieve the best results! Their whey protein is now part of my every day schedule; I can’t wait to see the long-term results."


"I have tried probably hundreds of protein powders, and I love that Natreve doesn't have that gross chalky taste.

The vegan powder blew my mind because I never would have guessed it was a vegan protein. I'm totally impressed and have already suggested it to all my friends!"


"I really love this protein! I truly appreciate the fact that the brand is plastic neutral & has such amazing flavors. 

This week, I went on a plant based cleanse, only eating raw fruits & veggies. Your vegan protein was a great help because it provided me with the needed protein and nutrients needed to help me recover from my tough, pre-season workouts! I look forward to continuing using this protein as I train for the 2020 Olympics!"

"I was pleasantly surprised
by the authenticity of each flavor. In the past I've tried many protein powders to supplement 

for the lack of protein that I would not receive throughout the day, and many of them did not taste good. If I need to eat healthy, I do
appreciate flavor as well. I think many people assume that healthy eating must mean bland flavoring and that is a misconception in the fitness world. I strongly recommend this product to my clients and to other fitness professionals who are in need of something that will supplement as well as provide a rich source of nutrients that will enable for high productivity on and off the field, the court, or the gym."

"I have integrated the shake into my daily morning routine and Gym time. It´s been really enjoyable.

I think it is good to have at least two different flavors and types so you don't get sick of one flavor if you have it often. It is amazing that you are a plastic neutral company and care about organic and good food and ingredients. There really aren’t many companies who take care of that. Definitely going to keep enjoying your product."

"I’m going to need all the help I can get with recovery during base training! I’m super excited about their Strawberry Shortcake vegan protein! 

Shoutout to my fellow lactose intolerant friends! Both their whey and vegan proteins are made from the purest ingredients and they utilize Informed Sport, one of the worlds leading certification boards recognized by the top athletic commissions, and the anti-doping agency."

"My Natreve protein was more than a pleasant surprise, it really made my morning routine a lot more exciting. 

The companies values and product are a testament to how much they care about nature and the health of its consumers. The Smore’s sundae Whey protein was by far my favorite, delicious, clean and so great for me. I loved pairing it with my smoothies and my morning protein drink. Can’t wait to try some more new flavors!"

"Adequate protein intake is crucial as an athlete, especially with supporting feeling full and satisfied during a cut by consuming 20-30g consistently throughout the day. 

I sip on a scoop of protein mixed with 20g of an intra workout carb during a cut to help support my training. Natreve Wellness has added collagen, greens and probiotics to ensure I’m getting the best quality stuff and supporting lean muscle mass."

"I am loving this brand of protein powder. I’ve been looking for one that I truly enjoy the taste of and Natreve wins it."

"I love how the ingredients are natural and the product is suitable for people lactose intolerant like me. 

It taste great and I would highly recommend to people."

"I took the protein fasting every morning as a pre-workout and felt that it did a lot of effect on my recovery and energy. 

The biggest and best surprise was that it did not give me a stomach ache, which other proteins always do to me (probably because they usually have a lot of artificial and bad health stuff). But the quality of Natreve's protein ingredients is remarkable since for the first time I just felt great. The only thing I would change is the intensity of the taste. I do not know if it was the specific flavors I took though (S'Mores Sundae and Peanut Butter Brownie Parfait), but I had to dissolve in a lot more water than normal. Otherwise, all aspects are approved in my humble opinion."

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