What is Organic Whey Protein Powder and What are The Benefits of Using It?

What is Organic Whey Protein Powder and What are The Benefits of Using It?

Whether you're a fitness buff, trying to lose weight, or just looking for a healthy breakfast on the go, good protein powders provide the nutritional benefits you're looking for. 

In your body, protein is crucial for muscle formation, the health and function of skin and other tissues, digestion, blood clotting, hormone synthesis, bone and ligament strength, and the balance of your blood pH, among other functions.

It’s important to choose wisely because far too many protein powders are loaded with artificial or unhealthy ingredients, including sweeteners, added colour, preservatives, and other unneeded and unwanted additives.

Our whey protein is 100% grass fed-hormone free New Zealand whey isolate. No proprietary blends, mixes and or varieties, strictly and 100% NZ isolate. 

New Zealand is known globally for providing the purest form of Whey protein having little impact on the environment through ethical production methods and treatment to their animals. 


What is Organic Whey Protein Powder?

In the simplest sense, organic whey protein powder is protein powder derived from organic raw materials. Organic whey is about the product being produced without the use of a set of chemicals – from fertilizers to pesticides. Many people are skeptical about these chemicals, so organic provides an option that is produced with a minimum of chemical interference.

Organic is all about keeping a customer-friendly, minimal-chemical supply chain. From the grazing of organic cows to the way their milk is processed, organic is about keeping manufacturing practices as strict and use COS and USDA-approved pesticides, fertilizers, etc. 

Why Should You Choose Organic Whey Protein Powder?

This is the big question: why should you spend more money on organic whey protein powder that has almost no nutritional differences from the cheaper varieties? There are many reasons but the most common ones fall into the health and environmental concerns.

From a health perspective, many are concerned with the treatment of cows, their food quality, and their exposure to chemicals during the production process for milk/whey. This is based on the idea that these chemicals could well be present in the milk of cows, and thus in whey proteins and other dairy products.

Organic whey doesn’t have these problems to the same extent as the whole supply chain is regulated and can’t contain un-sanctioned chemicals. This should protect you from the worst of it and deal with antibiotic/pesticides from the cow’s diet.

The environmental argument is simply that organic, regulated farming practices are better for animals, the environment, and the whole ecosystem. With the amount of environmental impact that beef farming has, this is another legitimate concern. If you’re looking to live a more environmentally-responsible life, organic whey could be a step in the right direction.

There aren’t many dedicated, scientifically-proven nutritional benefits to organic choices. But they are likely to be more environmentally friendly and they do decrease your possible exposure to unnecessary chemical elements from the farming process. These are definitely advantages.