Natreve Interview Series: Impact Collective and GreenPrint

We’re excited to introduce our interview series. 10 questions answered by our favorite people from our partners, to our employees, to our community.

We sat down (via email) with Suzanna Horton (she/her) to get to know more about her (hint her favorite smoothies will be the color of 🍫) and about the work happening at IMPACT COLLECTIVE and GreenPrint. 

Let’s get into it!

What is your name and what are your pronouns? 

Suzanna Horton (she/her)


What's your role at IMPACT COLLECTIVE and how long have you been with the company?

I am the Production Manager at GreenPrint and I am also the Program Manager for IMPACT COLLECTIVE. I have been with GreenPrint since May 2018.


How do IMPACT COLLECTIVE and GreenPrint differ and how do they come together?

GreenPrint is an environmental technology company and IMPACT COLLECTIVE is one of the solutions it provides to businesses. Both GreenPrint and IMPACT COLLECTIVE share the same mission:


“To make sustainability truly convenient and empower people and businesses to do the right thing.”

IMPACT COLLECTIVE allows consumer-facing brands the opportunity to quickly and easily neutralize the environmental impact of their product(s).


You can only have one smoothie flavor forever. Which do you choose? Chocolate, French Vanilla, Strawberry, Natural or Peanut Butter?

You had me at Chocolate.



Why did you choose GreenPrint?

I was drawn to GreenPrint because the idea of working for a company that is making a positive impact on our environment is meaningful to me. It’s satisfying knowing what we do as a company is making a difference.


What’s your favorite part about working here?

I love that everyone at GreenPrint is empathetic and has a caring heart. We work to make the world a better place and we continually strive to be better citizens of it. It's a blessing to work alongside such a fun, dynamic and creative group of people.


If you were to explain IMPACT COLLECTIVE to my 3-year old daughter, Sade, what would you say?

Sade, IMPACT COLLECTIVE helps to keep the oceans clean for Moana, the air clean for Elsa, and the forests strong for Tarzan.


Tell me more about IMPACT COLLECTIVE's partnership with Natreve.

Through IMPACT COLLECTIVE, the carbon emissions generated from the production of every Natreve product brought to market are calculated and neutralized through proportionate investments in certified carbon projects around the globe. Natreve is part of a community of like-minded brands making the collective impact even greater across the planet. Through the partnership, Natreve has access to global impact stories and environmental content made possible through the certified project portfolio. These stories complement Natreve’s sustainability commitment and provide another way to engage with customers.

What are the current goals that the company is focused on? Our goals and our purpose are intertwined. We aim to create business value with positive environmental impact and empower individuals and businesses to create larger change. We have four areas of focus that recognize the crucial connection between the planet and people, and the power of small actions to cause meaningful impact. 

  1. Climate Change
  2. Climate Justice
  3. Circular Economy
  4. Diversity and Inclusion

If you are interested, you can read more here:


What gets you most excited about IMPACT COLLECTIVE’s future?

GROWTH! We formally launched IMPACT COLLECTIVE at the beginning of 2020, even though we had been working on the concept for a few years. During the second half of last year, we experienced tremendous growth with 5 brands joining us. This year, IMPACT COLLECTIVE has offset 1,640 metric tons of CO2, so more members equal more impact. We are also very excited to be adding our first fashion brand to IMPACT COLLECTIVE!


Anything else we need to know?

Yes! If anyone wants to know more about IMPACT COLLECTIVE, please visit or follow us on Instagram @ecoimpactcollective


And buy more Natreve! 

Note from us at Natreve - we agree!