Meet the Farmer: Collactive® Marine Collagen

There are more collagen choices out there than alt milk alternatives at Whole Foods. 


Much like hemp and oat milk are milk alternatives, they are most definitely not the same. Not all collagen is created equal. 


Today we’re spotlighting one of our favorite ingredients, found in our Whey Protein Powder- Collactive® Marine Collagen. 


Where can I find Collactive Marine Collagen?

You will find 2 grams of Collactive marine collagen in every Natreve Whey Protein Powder scoop. Check out this blog post to find out how to incorporate it into your daily routine. 


Benefits of Collactive® Marine Collagen

✅ Can rejuvenate the skin

✅ Increases moisture retention in the skin

✅ Reinforces skin hydration 

For more information on the benefits of collagen, check out this blog post


What is Collactive?

Collactive Marine Collagen is a 100% marine-based, sustainably sourced collagen peptides formulated in the same ratio found in human skin (94% Type I hydrolyzed collagen and 6% elastin oligopeptides). 

A study on Collective showed “a synergistic anti-wrinkle action, stimulating the skin to lift and tone sagging areas and minimize lines and wrinkles while increasing skin’s ability to retain moisture. This supported a lower inclusion rate than normally suggested for conventional collagen.”

Why Choose Collative?

Collactive has a low molecular weight, is water-soluble,  and offers superior bioavailability over bovine or porcine collagen sources (up to 1.5 times more efficiently). 

According to Collative, this ingredient has been demonstrated effective at a 2-gram use level which compares favorably to other collagen ingredients that are recommended at 5- to 10-gram levels.


Where is it Sourced?

Collactive is provided by CTPP-Copalis, representing a cooperative of fisheries in Boulognesurmer, France - Europe’s leading port for fish processing. 


Is it Sustainable?

Collactive is fully traceable and sustainably produced. Collactive is extracted solvent-free from fish skin collected daily from 100% wild-caught fish. 

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